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After four failed attempts at IVF I really didn't think that a baby was ever likely to happen for my husband and myself. Our fifth and final attempt was a freebie from the NHS so I felt I had to go through with it again, but I had no confidence at all that it would be successful. However, this time my husband and I decided to give acupuncture a go alongside the process, as we had heard that it could significantly increase your chances of success. Yeah right! I mean, how could sticking needles into your body help make a baby for goodness sake? So, if I'm honest, I only agreed to do it, so that when it all failed yet again, I could walk away feeling that we had tried everything. It all sounds very negative doesn't it, but that's the way the previous five years of trying and infertility had left me feeling.

Anyway, we started the acupuncture just about 3 months before our final IVF and both of us really enjoyed our sessions - just lying on a couch for an hour was a great opportunity to relax and Rachel made us feel very chilled (despite the needles!). But in all honesty I was still very sceptical that it would make any difference. Happily, how wrong I was! I never even got to the stimulation stage of IVF, because unbelievably I had already fallen pregnant naturally! Since acupuncture and fruit smoothies (on Rachel's orders) were the only things that we did differently this time, I would now definitely advise anyone experiencing fertility issues to give it a go. It worked for us and now we have a beautiful little daughter, who truly is our dream come true. Thank you so very much Rachel!
Louise, Bournemouth

I have been having acupuncture from Rachel for about 3 years. The
reason for treatment originally was problems with my fertility and I
had heard acupuncture could help. Throughout the years of trying to
get pregnant Rachel has been incredibly supportive and continued to
treat the problem. Rachel is very knowledgeable, and clearly
understands how acupuncture can help with fertility issues. After
several failed IVF cycles we were about to give up when last summer we
found out we were pregnant (completely naturally) and the baby is due
at the end of February. I am convinced that the acupuncture I
received from Rachel was the major contributing factor. However I
still continue to receive treatment from Rachel as I have found that
it has helped with pulled muscles, injured knees and more importantly
I always feel very relaxed after treatment.

I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone requiring acupuncture, and
if you have not tried it you must give it a go you will be amazed at
the different ways it can help you. Rachel is very experienced and
makes you feel very comfortable and at ease when being treated. She
has helped me incredibly.
Nigel, Bournemouth

I initially went to see Rachel for acupuncture regarding fertility, however I also had been suffering on and off for a long time with chronic fatigue syndrome, I found that the acupuncture helped immensely with how much energy I had and my overall wellbeing.

With regards to the fertility, I started having acupuncture again with Rachel when I started my IVF treatment. I cannot stress how instrumental it was in how much better I felt in myself when undergoing IVF, Rachel is also so knowledgeable so it was always good to talk through with her how I was feeling etc and get her thoughts. I really believe that the acupuncture was one of the main reasons why my IVF worked first time.

Rachel is extremely flexible and generous with her time. When having IVF she treated me on the weekend of the embryo transfer and took any possible stress out of the situation.

I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who was thinking about acupuncture for fertility, ivf or indeed a medical condition. Thank you Rachel.
Laura, Bournemouth

Having never received the benefits of acupuncture before, I sought out Rachel after a recommendation from a friend. Rachel quickly understood my lifestyle and aims; she worked with me to help me achieve my goals. Her sessions were often the highlight of my week where I could relax and feel the benefits of being in balance.

The impact that her work had on my life was evident to my husband who had a more happy, relaxed wife as a result! Rachel listens and is aware of your situation in a way that Western medicine has given up. She treats the whole person not just a symptom. We seem to have lost that and I certainly felt the benefits. So much so that our dream to conceive was fulfilled and I am expecting soon! However, the benefits of Rachel's work have changed my attitude to life and I strive for more balance.
Alison, Ringwood

I began acupuncture with Rachel after trying to conceive naturally for one year. I read an article in a magazine suggesting that acupuncture helped with conception, and after speaking to a couple of acupuncturists advertised locally, Rachel was recommended to me. I spoke to Rachel and instantly I felt at ease with her, and was impressed by her friendly manner and knowledge of her subject manner.

During our sessions, my initial impressions of Rachel proved to be true. I looked forward to our sessions and acupuncture had a positive affect on my overall health and state of mind. Rachel recommended the Zita West book ‘Guide to getting Pregnant’, which is helpful and informative for conception both naturally or assisted. After attending the sessions for a couple of months, I felt was able to handle stress better both with regard to trying for a baby, and in other areas in my life. An ongoing pain I had in my right shoulder was also gone.

In March 2008 my husband were lucky enough to conceive at our first attempt with IVF. I continued to see Rachel all through my pregnancy and in October 2008 our twin boys were born. I am convinced that without Rachel’s help this would not have happened - I have recommended Rachel to friends and family, and would not hesitate to continue to do so in the future.
Lesley, Bournemouth

Not long after my 35th birthday, my menstrual cycle started to lengthen from its usual 35 days to 40, 45 days and beyond. I needed to know when I was ovulating as I was trying to conceive and my lengthening cycle made pinpointing the ‘right time’ rather difficult.

Ovulation kits and a subsequent doctor’s blood test eventually proved that I was not ovulating due to low progesterone levels. The doctor recommended a drug to stimulate ovulation called Clomid but I was keen to go down the acupuncture route. I had read about its success with fertility problems and I wanted to try an alternative method before embarking on a course of drugs. Also Rachel had treated me in the past for other health issues with great success.

Rachel also advised me about Zita West’s approach to fertility and the need to look after the body holistically – so it was hardly any alcohol for my husband and me, fertility friendly food, minimum caffeine and limited use of chemicals on skin and hair.

After the first month of treatment, my cycle had shortened, the 2nd month by even more and by the 3rd, it was back to its usual 35 days. What was also interesting was that concurrent blood tests at the doctors showed my progesterone levels rising back to normal levels.

After the 3rd month, all 3 of us (Rachel, my husband and I!) were over the moon to discover I was pregnant. 9 months later I gave birth to a great big bouncing 9lb 11.5 oz baby girl!

I have known Rachel for 8 years and I have always found her to be truly professional in her work. Not only does she get great results, she is very easy to talk to, is non-judgmental and an excellent listener. I would thoroughly recommend her.
Sarah, Bournemouth

After trying to conceive naturally for 7 years and then a failed attempt at fertility treatment, I wanted to do everything to ensure our second (and final) attempt would have the best possible outcome. A work colleague recommended Rachel for her professional fertility acupuncture skills as well as friendship and emotional support through this very sensitive time.

My husband and I both sought treatment from Rachel once we understood the importance of both parties to the outcome. Although our consultations were completely private she helped us to understand each others needs better. This in turn helped our relationship cope better, especially with the emotional roller coaster I was on.

Following six months of acupuncture (our choice) we underwent our second round of fertility treatment and the results were startling! There was an unbelievable improvement in the quality of our embryos and we were pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

We sincerely believe that the dramatic improvement in our results was only possible through following Zita West’s approach to fertility, Rachel’s extensive knowledge in fertility acupuncture and her continued support and guidance.

Our baby girl is due soon and along with our friends and families, we’re absolutely thrilled! Eternal thanks to Rachel for making our dreams to be parents come true, for being such a great support through a very trying time and for just being herself who will always be remembered when we look at our daughter.
Neil & Noeleen, Bournemouth

I would confidently recommend Rachel to anyone, who, like myself, has a difficult obstetric history and/or fertility problems.

Rachel helped me to and throughout a successful pregnancy. Aside from the actual treatment itself, her knowledge, sensitive approach and emotional support were invaluable. Pregnancy to me, having suffered both stillbirth and recurrent miscarriages seemed a very lonely experience, so I particularly valued Rachel�s ability to listen and empathise.

Her flexible approach to appointments and genuinely caring manner is in complete contrast to any fertility or antenatal treatment I have experienced on the NHS. Thank you!
Sandra, Bournemouth

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a couple of years with no success. We went through all the medical routes of investigation, with no specific reason found for why we had not conceived, we were advised our only option was IVF treatment.

The stress and anxiety of not having a beautiful baby to love and cherish was eating me up inside. I started having treatment from Rachel, both Acupuncture and Reiki, and after the first session I felt a huge sense of calm and relaxation for the first time in years.

My husband noticed the change in me after a session and shortly after a couple of treatments we conceived naturally. I now have my beautiful baby boy which we have waited so long for. Without Rachel contributing to my wellbeing, I don�t think we would have our lovely son. Rachel has become a friend and I feel very safe in confiding in her and I always look forward to the next treatment.
Louise, Bournemouth


After losing my last three babies to miscarriage and at 41 years of age we felt we only really had time biologically to give it one last try before giving up, but this time would have acupuncture treatments at Rachel's clinic. I fell pregnant again during the second month of treatments and this time the baby has held on and I'm now in my 17th week.

We are still in shock that we have at last been successful! Rachel is obviously an excellent acupuncturist but also has vast knowledge of fertility and is able to give sound advice in other areas to give yourself the best chance possible. I have recommended Rachel to friends and will continue to do so - she has lifted a very dark cloud in our lives which had been around for a very long time.
Angela, Bournemouth


I first contacted Rachel in January 2006, after trying to get pregnant for two years. The previous month, my husband and I had had very poor results from fertility tests and IVF had been mentioned. I chose Rachel at random from a list of practitioners who treated infertility from the British Acupuncture Council, and how glad I am that I did!

From my very first consultation, I felt the benefits. With her thorough, professional, yet empathetic approach, Rachel made me feel like I was at last taking a positive step to help improve things, in a situation that often makes you feel very out of control. The sessions with Rachel not only made me feel better physically and more full of energy, they also, both from acupuncture and from the relaxing, caring environment Rachel creates, felt like an hour of therapy every week at in incredibly stressful time! The acupuncture Rachel gave me began to bring my periods more in line, having previously had cycles of anything up to 49 days and beyond. I also took Clomid and am sure the acupuncture helped ensure that I suffered no side effects from this drug at all. After only one month, and with continuing acupuncture, I became pregnant. Rachel continued to treat me during this pregnancy, firstly to alleviate awful morning sickness and then to help me stay unstressed through quite a medically difficult pregnancy.

As a result of the treatment I received from Rachel, I have recommended her to no fewer of four of my friends who are having similar problems, as I know first hand the benefits acupuncture from Rachel brings.

I recently returned to Rachel again, in readiness for trying to get pregnant for the second time. Over the course of the last four months, Rachel�s treatment has meant I have had 28 day cycles, something that has never happened to me before in my life. Having been prescribed Clomid again, due to low progesterone levels in September, I decided to hold off from taking it for a bit. As I continued to have acupuncture, my periods continued to become more regular, I began to ovulate (again not something that had ever happened naturally before) and am now pregnant again, without needing to take Clomid!

I am certain that the combined effects of the acupuncture itself, and Rachel�s knowledgeable and supportive attitude are what made the difference this time, and I can�t thank her enough! I am just hoping that acupuncture can help get rid of the horrible morning sickness once again!!
Rachel, Bournemouth


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